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Who are we?
The Friends of the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County is a group organized to bring together fellow citizens who value their public library, are willing to work for a better library for the community, and who speak up for good library service whenever and wherever their efforts are needed.

Areas of Activity
Many fine projects can be undertaken by the Friends of the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County, with the advice of the Library Director.

Friends can:

  • Stimulate public awareness of the library and its importance to the community.
  • Serve in the communicative capacity between the library and the community at large.
  • Foster educational, recreational, informational, and cultural programs beneficial to the community.
  • Enrich library resources through funds derived from memberships and encourage endowments, bequests and acceptable gifts for the purpose of public use and enjoyment.
  • Sponsor free exhibits, speakers, art programs, book reviews, and film programs for the community's use.
  • Aid development of special book collections.
  • Provide channels for citizens' opinions and support of the library.
  • Play a leadership role in National Library Week.
  • Help acquire important materials and provide important services beyond the confines of the operating budget.
  • Support library programs for children and youth.

Values of Membership:

  • Sharing and developing the love of books with fellow book-lovers.
  • A sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction in performing a significant service for the community.
  • Widening social contacts.
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Corporate Membership
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Life/Couple Membership
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