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News and Information from the Ruth Enlow Library
Help Us to Recover from Water Damage
Help Us to Recover from Water Damage During the heavy rain on June 12, a roof drain separated over the biography and non-fiction sections of the Oakland Library, causing extensive water damage to books, the carpet, and the ceiling. We were closed for several days for clean-up. We’ve lost all of the biography section from H – M and some of the non-fiction. If you would like to help us out with a monetary donation to replace the specific books, please make your check out to Friends of the Ruth Enlow Library, PO Box 301, Oakland, MD 21550. The Friends of The Ruth Enlow Library are a 501(c)3 organization. Thanks very much for your support and patronage!
Our Completed Strategic Plan
Our Completed Strategic Plan

Our 3-Year Strategic Plan: We have completed our strategic plan based on input from our survey and have posted it at this link. Thanks to all of you who completed our survey and provided us with important feedback about the library and its services.