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PC Use at the Ruth Enlow Library
The Ruth Enlow Library has several computers available for public use at each of our five branches. These PCs have internet access and Microsoft Office applications available for your use. Use of a library PC is subject to Maryland State Regulations and Library Policy.

Most of our PCs allow patrons to use USB drives and to save data to CD. Please inform the librarian if you have a specific need so she can direct you to an appropriate PC.

Black and white printing is available at all branch locations for a cost of $0.20 per page. Color printing is available in Oakland, Grantsville and Accident for $0.50 per page.

Enhanced-access PCs are available at Accident, Grantsville, and Oakland. These PCs enable patrons with low or no vision to use the computer. All three offer a magnifying reader, a Braille keyboard, and software that reads the screen aloud to the user. Headphones are supplied for this purpose. The PC in Oakland is dedicated to enhanced-access use, while the ones in Accident and Grantsville also can be used to access the online catalog. Patrons should sign up at the library’s Information Desk to use these PCs.
We hope you find the following tips helpful.

Protecting Your Personal Information
Burning a CD
Internet Safety Tips
Cyber Security Checklist
WiFi @ REL

Protecting Your Personal Information

If you use the library's computers to access email, banking, auction, or other personal accounts please take all care to protect your account information. Do not leave user names, passwords, credit card numbers, or any other personal information within view of other patrons. Some one walking by may be able to see it on the desk or on the screen.

When you finish with your account be sure to sign or log out, and then close the browser window. In addition it is recommended that you ask the librarian on duty to reboot the PC when you are finished using it.

Burning a CD

Several of the library PCs are equiped with CD-R/W drives. Please let the librarian know if you need a CD-R/W drive when you sign up to use a library PC. The PC will have either Roxio Easy CD Creator or Nero StartSmart installed. Determine which program is on the PC you are using and select the appropriate guide.

Using Roxio Easy CD Creator | Using Nero StartSmart

We hope you find the guide helpful when attempting to record data onto your CD using library PCs equiped with a CD-R or CD-RW (CD-R/W) drive.

WiFi @ REL

WiFi Connection Guide

The Ruth Enlow Library offers free Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) at all five Branch Libraries during normal branch hours. Use of the library's WiFi network is subject to Maryland State Regulations and Library Policy.

Patrons bringing in their wireless-equipped laptops will not only have the convenience of high-speed Internet access, but access to many of the same resources available on the Library's own public computers.

To connect to the library's WiFi access, direct your PC to the appropriate network ID based on your location:

  • Oakland - OAKWIFI
  • Accident - ACWIFI
  • Friendsville - FRWIFI
  • Grantsville - GRWIFI
  • Kitzmiller - KZWIFI

If you are not able to connect, please make sure you have DHCP enabled and that you are connected to the proper network name for your location.

For liability reasons, library staff are not permitted to help patrons configure PCs.

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