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Book Signing with Bathsheba Dailey
Book Signing with Bathsheba Dailey

Bathsheba Dailey, author of Five Year Old Death, will hold a book signing at the Oakland Library on Friday, October 18, from 3:30 5 p.m. Her book, which was released in late June 2013, describes an autobiographical journey of self-discovery. Five Year Old Death is based on my true life experiences; we all have heard about or lived through hardship and abuse but only a few will write about them, notes Dailey.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Dailey resides in Cabell County, West Virginia, where she has lived since she was fourteen years old. She has a degree in business management and also has written several books of poetry Soulful Writes, Soulful Writes Part Two, the Unhidden Reflections of the Heart, and Hearts and Souls: The Beginning. Her books are available on Amazon and also will be for sale at the signing. Additional information about the author can be found at www.bathshebadailey.com.

The event is free and open to the public. For additional information, contact Bonnie at 301-334-3996, x117 or bonnie@relib.net.

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