All branches of the Ruth Enlow Library will be closed on Wednesday - June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. We will reopen at our regular hours on Thursday - June 20th.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a library card?

In order to receive a library card that permits the holder access to the free services of the Ruth Enlow Library System, the applicant must:

  1. Show his/her state ID or other proof of address (military addresses are acceptable) listed below.
  2. Complete and sign the application/borrower's agreement.
  3. If the patron cannot provide a state ID, other forms of identification may be accepted.
    Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • Military ID
    • Consular ID
    • Passport
    • Employer ID with photograph

    Acceptable proofs of address include:

    • Utility bill
    • Bank-issued checks
    • Mortgage or lease
    • Other mail processed through USPS with the patron’s name and current address
      If the patron is unable to provide any of these acceptable forms of identification, a post card will be mailed to the patron’s home address. The patron must return to the library with the post card to pick up his or her card.
  4. Applicants under the age of eighteen must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Borrower's Agreement for them.
  5. Library cards are valid for three years, after which they must be renewed.


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How can I get items that are not in the REL catalog?

You may call or visit the nearest branch to place an interlibrary loan request for an item which we do not own.  If you have access to our website, you may also place your own interlibrary loan request by choosing the "Marina" link located on the blue box on the left side of the home page (or click here).

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How can I get wireless access?

WiFi is available for free at all of our branches.  Wifi connection requires a click-through acceptance of our terms of use.

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How can I pay my fines?

Fines can be paid by cash, check or credit card at the front desk of any branch.  Checks are to be made payable to the Ruth Enlow Library. 

Credit and debit cards require a $5.00 minimum charge.

Fines can also be paid by mailing a check to any branch.

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How can I renew items?

You can renew items in person or by calling any of our branches.  You can also renew items online if you have a PIN for your account.  Items belonging to the Ruth Enlow Library system will automatically renew themselves upon coming due if renewals still remain.

Please note that some types of items are not renewable.  Also, an item is not renewable if there is another patron's request pending.  Overdue items can be renewed online as long as there are up to 5 overdue items; if you have more than 5 overdue items, please contact the library for renewals.

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How can I request an item?

You can request an item in person or by calling any of our branches.  If you have a library card with us and you have a PIN for your account, you can place a request on any item which we own.  To place a request for an item which is not listed in our online catalog, you can call the nearest branch to place an interlibrary loan request, or you can place a request online yourself by using our "Marina" link which is located on the left side of our Home Page.

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How can I return items from a different library?

Most public library materials may be returned to any public library in the county or elsewhere in the state. The exception is DVDs or videos. All locations of the Ruth Enlow Library, excluding the Kitzmiller Branch, have outside bookdrops.

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How can I use the public computers?

All branch locations of the Ruth Enlow Library have computers with internet access for public use and Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) for your laptop pc.  Here are a few policies for using the computers:

  • Misuse or illegal use of the computers or Internet access will result in the loss of computer privileges. 
  • There is a thirty-minute time limit if others are waiting. 
  • There is a charge of $.20 per page for black and white printing, and $.50 per page for color printing.
  • A complete set of rules is posted at each branch.

Please review our Computer Use Policy here.


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How do I access the Internet?

There are three ways to access the Internet through the Ruth Enlow Library: 

  1. You can visit any of our branches and access the Internet using our public computers. 
  2. You can access the Internet at any of our branches using WiFi. 
  3. The Library does have some Wifi hotspots available for checkout, and you can place a hold on these via the catalog.

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How do I apply for a job?

We accept applications but review them only when we have a position open. We keep applications on file for a year. An application can be downloaded online or a print copy is also available at any library branch location.

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How do I book a Meeting Room?

The main library in Oakland and our Grantsville branch have meeting rooms available to the public.  To book a room, please call the main library at 301-334-3996 ext. 2 or the Grantsville branch at 301-895-5298.

The meeting room is open to nonprofit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, and charitable activities.

All meetings in the library meeting room must be free of charge and open to the public. No selling or commercial activities are allowed.

In addition, the main library in Oakland also has 2 study rooms available for use by the public. These rooms are regulated as follows:

      1. Patrons may reserve the larger Study Room up to one week in advance.  The smaller Study Room is for walk-in patrons only.

      2. No more than three people are permitted in the small Study Room, or five people in the large Study Room. 

      3.  A 2-hour limit will be enforced for study room use when others are waiting.

      4.  Unattended children under the age of 13 are not permitted in Study Rooms.

      5.  People or groups may sign up for the use of Study Rooms at the front desk. 

For the complete meeting room policy, please contact your nearest branch.

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How do I buy used material?

Patrons can purchase used materials by coming to the library and choosing items of interest from the used material bookshop for the following prices:

Hardback books $0.50
Paperback books $0.20
Juvenile books $0.25
Audio/Video $1.00
Magazines $0.10

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How do I change my PIN?

Go to the online Catalog and click Patron Account. Log in with your current password (PIN) and then click Change Logon. You can change your PIN at this screen.  You may also contact your library for assistance in changing your PIN.

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How do I check out equipment?

The Oakland Library has the following equipment which can be checked out for a week at a time:

  •  Carousel slide projector
  •  Filmstrip projector
  •  Opaque projector
  •  Overhead projector
  •  Movie screen
  •  Media projector

The patron must have a library card in good standing. Overdue items incur a fine of $0.20/day.

Chromebooks and Wifi hotspots are available for adult patrons to check out for up to three weeks at a time (no renewals). 

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How do I check the status of a hold?

At, click on the "my account" icon Patron Login/My Accountat the top right from any page. 

Enter your library card number without spaces and your PIN.  Press enter or click Submit Request.  Click on Holds. You will be able to determine the status of your requests.

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How do I donate used material?

Ruth Enlow Library may accept donations of materials based upon their suitability for the library's collection. The library staff will evaluate the suitability of the donated materials. If they are suitable, current bestsellers, recently released DVDs and books on CD will be accepted for inclusion. Materials that were published or produced more than a year before the donation date will generally not be accepted unless they are of particular local interest.

Donations that do not meet the system's objectives and policies will be sold or returned to the donor, if the donor wishes them to be returned. Money from the sale of donated items will be used to purchase new materials and supplement the library's operating budget. 

No other conditions may be imposed by the donor either before or after the acceptance of the materials into the collection.

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How do I find a branch?

The locations of our branches can be found at the following links:

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How do I find out about fines?

The fines at the Ruth Enlow Library are as follows: 

DVDs and Blu-Ray $0.50/day $6.00 max
All other materials $0.20/day $6.00 max

In the event of closure during emergency winter weather conditions or school closings, fines to be incurred that day will be waived.

While overdue notices will be provided as a courtesy, patrons are responsible for monitoring due dates and ensuring that their materials are returned on time.

Items more than 30 days late will be considered lost, and the patron will be billed for their replacement.

Late fees will not be incurred by our patrons under age 18, though replacement fees for materials which are more than 30 days late will still apply. 

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How many items can I borrow from Hoopla?

You may borrow up to 6 items per month on your Hoopla account.  This limit resets on the first day of each month.

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How many items can I borrow from Kanopy?

You may borrow up to 10 play credits per month.  This limit resets on the first day of each month.

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How many items can I borrow from Overdrive/Libby?

You may borrow up to 10 items at one time on your Overdrive/Libby account with no monthly limit.  There is a limit of 10 holds that can be placed at any one time.

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What are the checkout limits and lengths?

A patron may check out up to 100 items at one time, with the following exceptions:

  1. Two (2) Lucky Day Books or video games may be checked out simultaneously.
  2. Ten (10) DVD/Blu-Ray movies may be checked out simultaneously.
  3. Three (3) toys or backpacks may be checked out simultaneously.
  4. One (1) Wifi hotspot may be checked out at a time per household.
  5. One (1) Chromebook may be checked out at a time per household.

Time Limits of Borrowing

All materials may be checked out for three weeks, with the following exceptions:

  • DVD, Blu-Rays, magazines for adults, and equipment may be checked out for a period of one week.

Materials eligible for renewal will be renewed automatically three days before their due date.  All materials may be renewed up to three times with the following exceptions:

  • Lucky Day Books, WiFi hotspots, Chromebooks, and magazines may not be renewed.
  • The ability to renew interlibrary loan materials is determined by the policies of the lending library.

Materials which belong to the Ruth Enlow Library system will renew automatically as long as renewals remain and as long as there are no holds on the item.  However, not all items will automatically renew, so you should check your account for correct due dates.

Juvenile users may not check out toys, literacy kits, equipment, Wifi hotspots, Chromebooks, video games, DVD or Blu-Ray movies to their accounts. 


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What are the library fees?

Library's fees:

Replacement of library card $1.00
Mailing fee for holds notices $0.50

Fees for faxing:

Sending and receiving $1.00/page

Fee for lamination

Lamination $0.25/page

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What if I lose my library card?

If you lose your library card, please call a branch of the Ruth Enlow Library as soon as possible.  There is a $1.00 fee to replace a lost library card.

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What if I lose or damage library materials?

In the event of lost or damaged materials, please contact the library for instructions on how to pay for or replace that item.  

If you have paid for a lost item which is later found, you may receive a partial refund as follows:

You must present an original receipt signed by a library staff person in order to receive a refund of payments for lost materials.  Refunds will be issued up to six months after the date of the original receipt, except for payments for individual CDs that are part of audiobooks consisting of multiple items.

The charges for lost materials include a $6.00 processing fee.  This processing fee will not be applied to materials lost by patrons under age 18.  Overdue charges for items that had been assumed to be lost will be deducted from refunds of payments for these lost materials.

Patrons may also substitute a new, undamaged copy of a lost item in lieu of payment replacement costs.  Processing fees will still be assessed.  Please contact your library for details regarding this option.


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Who are the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Ruth Enlow Public Library of Garrett County is a group organized to bring together fellow citizens who value their public library, are willing to work for a better library for the community, and who speak up for good library service whenever and wherever their efforts are needed.

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Who are the Library Board Trustees?

The Board of Library Trustees meets once a month. The location and time can vary – look at our Calendar of Events to find out where each meeting will be held, or call 301-334-3996.

Contact Information:

Ruth Enlow Library
Board of Trustees
6 N Second Street
Oakland, MD 21550

Board Bylaws

Board members:

  • Christian Mash, President
  • Fred Fox, Vice President
  • Tina Buckel, Treasurer
  • Karl Schwalm
  • Diane Nye-Paugh
  • Linda Ashby
  • Christian Mash
  • Clinton Bradley


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Why is my account suspended?

Library users can have their borrowing privileges suspended for the following reasons:

  • A lost item (items overdue 30 days or more)
  • An excess of $6.00 due in fines
  • Misconduct/refusal to follow Library policies

Once material is returned and/or payments made, most borrowing privileges are reinstated.

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